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Tinctures are taken by dropping a couple drops
on or under your tongue. Dosage can range from
100mg-500mg in store. Tinctures is the most common
usage of CBD application available on the market.
Prices starting at $20.00

Pet Tinctures
Testimonials from many animal-lovers
are stating that hemp oil has been useful in treating
their pet’s maladies, such as anxiety, poor appetite,
pain, and inflammation.100mg/30ml

Vape Juice
A CBD vape pen is a great way to get relaxing CBD
on the go, helping you stay at ease and level in stressful
situations. 100 mg priced at $20.00

More brands have started to add CBD onto topicals, such as lotions,
 salve, and lip balms, for its skin benefits. CBD topicals are known
to help with chronic pain, inflammation, acne, psoriasis, cancer
treatment anti-aging, and so many more.

CBD concentrates typically contain the strongest dosage of CBD
compared to any other CBD products. It can contain up to 10 times
the average CBD products. Concentrates are also convenient in that
it only takes a few seconds to consume.

 Hemp Oil
Capsules are great for someone who knows that they benefit from
Natural Occuring Phyto Cannabinoids and simply need a higher dose.

500 mg Cartridge with 250 mg of Naturally Occurring Phyto Cannabinoids
Infused with Natural Girl Scout Cookie Terpenes for a great tasting vaping expeirenc
No PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) used, emulsified with Terpenes.  

Each bag contains 4 gummies
Peach ring gummies contain 7.5mg of Natural Occuring Phyto Cannabinoids each.